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Practitioners in the West Sussex area

listed by area in postcode order

Worthing BN11


Carla Ward

Member of the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists

Tel: 07896 654275

Carla's Therapies: ScarWork, Reflexology, Clinical Massage Level 6, Advanced Reflexology, Body Massage

Sussex West BN11.PNG

Worthing BN12


Anna-Maria Parsons

Member of the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists

Tel: 07870 673193

Anna-Maria's Therapies: Advanced Clinical Massage Techniques,  Advanced Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Techniques, Crystal Healing, Dry needling, Holistic Massage, Myofascial Release,  
Lymphatic Pressure Therapy, Scenar/Cosmodic Therapy, 
Hot Stone & Indian Head Massage, Sports Injuries & Massage, Taping and Strapping, Thermo-Auricular Therapy, Scarwork.

Sussex West BN12.PNG

Worthing BN14


Justine van de Weg 

Member of the Angelic Reiki Association

Tel: 01903 743629

Justine's Therapies: Angelic Reiki, Angelic Guidance & Healing, EFT, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, Therapeutic Play Skills

Jackie Margarson.jpg

Lancing BN15


Jacqueline Margarson

Member of the Association of Energy Therapists

Tel: 07968 780549

Jacqueline's Therapies: Eden Energy Medicine, Reconnective Healing, Massage

Sussex East BN15.PNG

Rustington BN16


Lynda Faulkner

Member of the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists

Tel: 07787 560990

Lynda's Therapies: Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Massage in Pregnancy,  On Site Massage, Indian Head Massage, Natural Lift Facial Massage.

Sussex West BN16.PNG

Arundel BN18


Elizabeth Walby

Member of the Fellowship of Holistic Integrated Therapists

Tel: 01243 778516

Elizabeth's Therapies: Naturopathy, Naturopathic Nutrition, Naturopathic Bodywork, Aromatherapy, Beauty Therapy, Reflexology


Arundel BN18


Suzanne Ruddle

Member of the Creative Kinesiology Association

Tel: 01243 814308

Suzanne's Therapies: Creative KinesiologyAnimal therapy, Aromatherapy Body Massage, Equine Bowen Therapy, Reflexology Sound therapy, Touch For Health

Polegate BN26


Robin Ravenhill

Member of the British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy

Tel: 07891 892 652

Robin's Therapies: Allergy Therapy


Chichester PO18


Annabel Boys

Member of the Body Stress Release Association

Tel: 02392 631 012

Annabel's Therapies:   Body Stress Release

Sussex West PO18.PNG

Haywards Heath RH16


Katherine Batty 

Member of the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists

Tel: 07815 841940

Katherine's Therapies: Holistic Massage; Sports Injuries & Massage; Deep Tissue Massage; Reiki (L2); Lymphatic Drainage; Massage in Pregnancy

West Hoathly RH19


Harald Bjarnason 

Member of the Body Stress Release Association

Tel: 01342 810886

Harald's Therapies: Body Stress Release

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