This is for any practitioner previously registered through the APNT

Following the closure of the APNT, we would like to assure our practitioners who registered through them that you will still be eligible for BCMA registration, and we are currently working to put a system in place for you. As soon as we have the Bodywork Affiliates Register set up you will be able to join directly at your normal renewal time. If you need registration urgently, please follow the guidance below. 

You have been contacted via email to explain the details. Please rest assured you will not be removed from the register even if you are past your normal renewal date while we are setting everything up.

Please note the BCMA do not sell insurance and we urge you to set up your insurance so it doesn't expire, with one of our preferred insurers who will offer you a discount - Holistic Insurance Services or Balens - if you require your registration number or further information, please contact the office.

If you are due for renewal within the next month or overdue for renewal please download and complete the following documents; 

BCMA Registered Bodywork Affiliates form, *CPD Activity Review Sheet, Website listing form.

BCMA Registered Bodywork Affiliates form

*CPD Activity Review Sheet

Website listing form

Each of these should be completed and emailed back to me at or by post if it is easier for you along with your insurance, your fee can be paid by bank transfer using your BCMA registration number or name as a reference (instructions contained in the Application form) and if possible do send confirmation of payment.


The following documents are for your information as you must agree to abide by them for your registration to the BCMA Bodywork Affiliates Register - Code of Conduct & Ethics and the CPD Full Programme Outline.

BCMA Code of Conduct & Ethics 

BCMA CPD Full Programme Outline and Planning

Do let me know if you have any problems downloading them, need to do the forms a different way or have any questions.


The fee for the year is £70 but does not include insurance

Do not forget to include a copy of your current insurance, if you do not have insurance, please contact either Holistic Insurance Services or Balen’s for a quote making sure you give your BCMA number to get the discount.

You can find details for them both here


*Regarding CPD, we understand last year was difficult for everyone, but you will see from the categories that you probably did some CPD without even realising it! We are being flexible with CPD for last year so please just send details of whatever you did on the Activity Review Sheet, NB. there is no need to include all the CPD documentation at this time as we only check a random sample each year so just keep a portfolio of your CPD activities on record to send if requested.


Do not hesitate to contact me should you need any help with anything.


Please understand it is a busy time at the office and we are working as quickly as possible to set up the Bodywork Affiliates Register, however, rest assured you will not be removed from BCMA registration while we put everything in place, and I will process your registration as quickly as possible. If you require a certificate urgently do let me know.

If you were previously registered through the APNT and are not due for renewal or overdue, you may still want to contact us below to find out your options, update your website entry or simply ask a question, rest assured your registration will continue until your renewal date.

Registration with the BCMA Bodywork Affiliates Register
Please complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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