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Joining the BCMA Practitioner Register

The BCMA Practitioner Register is a recognised register of professional practitioners meeting the BCMA standards for their therapies. If it's website referrals, access to help and support, a well-respected name and recognised logo, access to discounted insurance you are looking for then the BCMA is for you!


There are two types of practitioners - the majority of our registered practitioners come from our Member Associations and this is by far the easiest way to join the BCMA for a practitioner. The association will handle your BCMA registration for you and will check you adhere to standards set for specific therapies.


In some cases practitioners wanting to join cannot be accommodated by one of our associations - i.e. if your therapy is not currently covered by a member association, in this instance, we have an Independent Therapist register which is administered and vetted solely by the BCMA itself.


If you need help deciding the best route for you please complete the form below

Some common questions -


Does it mean I have to send all my details to both the Association and to BCMA to get BCMA Registration?

No - your association will provide your details direct to the BCMA and your registration certificate and card will be sent to you on receipt of their declaration for you.


Insurance is required for BCMA registration but you have to be registered to qualify for a discount how does that work?

When you apply to join and request insurance details the member association will ask for a temporary BCMA number for you which you may use to apply for the insurance.

Have another question? Please complete the form below or contact the BCMA Administrator

Practitioner Request form
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