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Practitioners in the North Yorkshire area

listed by area in postcode order

Constable Burton DL8


Amantha Hague

Member of the Angelic Reiki Association

Tel: 07832 176594

Amantha's Therapies: Angelic Reiki

Yorkshire DL8.PNG

York HD9


Robert Alan Young

Member of the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists

Tel: 01404 689808

Robert's Therapies: Massage; Sports Therapy


Harrogate HG3


Heather Booker

Member of the Association of Physical & Natural Therapists

Tel: 07974 919079

Heather's Therapies: Therapeutic Massage, Advanced Massage Techniques, Reflexology, Holistic Clinical Aromatherapy, Bush Flower Essences, Thermal Stone Massage, TMJ, Face, Headache & Jaw Pain.


High Bentham LA2


Dennis Donnelly

Member of the British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy

Tel: 07779 331860

Dennis's Therapies: Allergy Therapy

Scarborough YO11


Amber Dickinson

Member of the Angelic Reiki Association

Tel: 07742 033066

Amber's Therapies: Angelic Reiki


Scarborough YO13


Di Wilson

Member of the Healer Foundation

Tel:07941 196890

Di's Therapies: Reiki / Seichem, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique, Quantum Touch, Seated Bamboo Massage, Bach Flower Remedy, Warm Bamboo Massage, Tuina Massage, Colon Massage, 

B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique)


York YO19


Heather Wilson

Member of the BCMA Bodywork Affiliates Register

Tel: 07946 557263

Heather's Therapies: Fire Cupping; Gua Sha Therapy; Himalayan Salt Stone Massage; Indian Head Massage; Integrated Myofascial Therapy; Kinesiology; Lava Shell Massage; Physiotherapy; Reflexology; Reiki Master Teacher; Ritual Candle Massage; TMJ, Face, Headache and Jaw pain; Wavestone Relaxation Massage, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Yorkshire YO19.PNG
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