Kairos Therapy

Kairos therapy combines the ancient tradition of hands on healing with modern bio-field theory. At the heart of Kairos therapy lays the belief that there is always the potential for healing and transforming pain. Pain and stress often cause our bodies to contract and this in turn can trap emotions in areas where these contractions occur. Kairos therapy, is a form of 'energy healing', or 'laying on of hands', which is one of the oldest forms of healing known to mankind. Kairos therapists use the natural Chi flow between their hands to bring about relaxation of both body and mind. With carefully placed hands, therapists can target and release deep layers of blocked emotion, and trauma, allowing them to surface and leave the body. When we are free of long held emotions we are closer to being our natural selves, able to cope more easily with the challenges and changes in our lives.

Kairos therapy works well with a wide range of emotional and physical problems.

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International Association for Kairos Therapy

Aarhus Studio, Ardfern,

By Lochgilphead,

Argyll PA31 8JA

Tel: 08445 617655



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