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Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapists use crystals, gemstones and minerals in several ways to amplify and accelerate the self-healing processes within the individual patient. It is considered that these healing processes are initiated with a harmonious interface between the particular and unique vibrational structure of crystalline matter within the mineral kingdom and the biomagnetic energy patterns comprising the human being. 

Crystal therapy directs attention to the subtle levels of functioning to re-establish a more harmonious and integrated vibration. Crystal healers approach the individual holistically and thus effectively work on many levels, whether the problems are perceived as physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in origin. 

For Further information please contact our member association -

Association of Vibrational Energy (AVE)​

Lilac Cottage, Mowbreck Lane,

Wesham, Preston

Lancashire, PR4 3HA

Tel: 07905 993811


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