Practitioners in the Staffordshire area

listed by area in postcode order

Stoke on Trent ST4


Jim Small

Member of the Healer Foundation

Tel: 07758 589476

Jim's Therapies: Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Lifestyle Wellness Coaching, Acupressure


Newcastle-under-Lyme ST5


Lesley Bytheway

Member of the Angelic Reiki Association

Tel: 07754 740810

Linda's Therapies: Angelic Reiki, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling)


Newcastle-under-Lyme ST5


Hazel MacKey

Member of the Angelic Reiki Association

Tel: 07389 181825

Hazel's Therapies: Angelic Reiki, NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT

Stoke on Trent ST6


Charlotte Park

Member of the Association of Physical & Natural Therapists

Tel: 07812 639913

Charlotte's Therapies: Swedish Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candling, Thai Hand and Foot Massage

Staffordshire ST6.PNG

Leek ST13


Lorraine Ingram

Member of the BCMA Bodywork Affiliates Register

Tel: 07960 024350

Lorraine's Therapies: Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Clinical Acupuncture, KORE Therapy Consultant

Staffordshire ST13.PNG

Stone ST15


Jennifer Foster

Member of the Angelic Reiki Association

Tel: 07870 980632

Jennifer's Therapies: Angelic Reiki, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing

Staffordshire ST15.PNG

Stafford ST18


Caroline Capjon

Member of the Angelic Reiki Association

Tel: 07960 202391

Caroline's Therapies: Angelic Reiki


Nr Rugeley WS15


Lynn Marshall

Member of the British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy

Tel: 01543 490381

Lynn's Therapies: Allergy Therapy