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Indian Head Massage

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New Paradigm 

Multi Dimensional Transformation (NPMDT)

New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Transformation (NPMDT) is a powerful energy whose core essence is Love without conditions and freedom from fear.

Working with this energy, NPMDT is a system of self empowerment,, the by product which also enables healing for the self and for others. Those who follow workshops to be attuned to these energies are then able to implement it as a hands-on healing system which is very, very simple to learn and is actually very far reaching in effect and intensity in its use for healing the self and others.

The healings are done very simply by laying the hands on a person or by consciously transmitting the energy to that person over any distance. Dis-ease means a lack of energy in a particular place in the body or in the totality of the body/mind/emotions/spirit and NPMDT rebalances these energies and takes a person from dis-ease to ease. When the energy comes into the person’s body and energy system it creates a situation in that person which allows the balancing to take place. Because these energies work on more levels than just the physical body this system is called NEW PARADIGM MULTI DIMENSIONAL TRANSFORMATION (NPMDT).

Those who work with NPMDT (whether simply for themselves, or with others) implement this living in the mode of love without conditions, and freedom from fear more and more in their lives. This process makes their lives steadily more balanced and their general sense of well being one of being in balance and at ease.

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