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Life Alignment is one of the most profound and life-changing energy healing systems in the world today with a comprehensive training comprising of Life Alignment Foundation Course and Modules 1 – 7, Life Purpose Alignment, Vortex and Home Alignment.  


It’s a transformational journey of consciousness awareness, which helps us to find a deep sense of fulfilment and happiness and helps us come into harmony with our truth and the true purpose of our life, in order to live a healthy and joyous life.


Life Alignment integrates the latest research and understandings of scientific and spiritual developments, providing essential tools for personal and global evolution.


  • The benefits that can be drawn from Life Alignment energy balances are many and profound:

  • the ability to connect with the innate wisdom of our body and thus trigger the healing process.

  • the capacity to be still and present, connected to our emotions, listen to our body and quieten our ‘monkey mind’.

  • a natural confidence and trust in facing life’s challenges that empower us to take action, creating the life that we long for.

  • support the process of reducing stress, fear and anxiety, promote healing from grief and loss, so that we can increase our passion for life with a deep sense of personal readiness.

  • recognition of belonging to humankind, connecting to a sense of oneness.

  • learning to live in harmony with our precious Planet Earth.

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