Life Alignment

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Life Alignment is an integrated collection of energy healing systems which include: Body Spin, Body Alignment Technique, Life Purpose Alignment, Vortex Alignment & Home Alignment.

We are living libraries of information, multidimensional beings, made up of a combination of energy systems, including meridians & chakras. Dis-ease, or an imbalance is generally initiated in the subtle realm, eventually manifesting within the physical body & stored as cellular memory. Life Alignment is a system of vibrational healing that facilitates the release of energetic & emotional blockages from the physical & subtle bodies. It assists in the experience of empowerment & awareness. It is a tool for personal & global transformation. It is a means for assisting people to shift into higher dimensions of consciousness in alignment with planetary shifts.  

Life Alignment uses applied kinesiology and/or a pendulum to access the body’s bio-computer to identify the energy blockage & related emotional stress. These techniques raise the vibrational frequency, restoring the energy flow, freeing the emotional stress to bring us back to a state of health & wholeness. 

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