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Energy Field Therapy

Energy Field Therapy and Energy Healing are empowering and effective methods of recovery that make use of the body’s in-built energy fields. Based on the premise that there is an inherent healing mechanism in the body, energy field therapy techniques provide the stimuli and incentive for this protective system to be activated and for a healing response to take place.

Drawing from the philosophies and practices of acupuncture, yoga and ancient doctrines, the body’s inherent fields comprise of sensitive areas of energy lines and centres; each with a vital purpose and rationale to form and facilitate a balancing, protective and therapeutic action.

Energy field practitioners work in different ways and there are several modalities that fall into this category. All are safe, balancing, non-invasive and the practitioners work with clear calm intent. Often the practitioner will work with their hands at a short distance from your body, you remain fully aware and may experience a sensation of movement. You remain fully clothed at all times.

The practitioners work in a heart-centered and attentive way to support and enable physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Energy field therapy techniques have developed dramatically over the last twenty years and are among the most exciting developments to emerge within the holistic healing genre. They form a programme of healing that is safe, effective, long lasting and proficient.

For Further information please contact our member associations -

Association of Energy Therapists

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The Healer Foundation

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Tel: 07768 865189



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