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BCMA Chair - Colleen Tucker

I would like to thank you all for entrusting me with the responsibility of being the Chair of the BCMA. Having been an active member of the BCMA team for many years and being elected as Chair at the AGM in 2019,


I would like to emphasise that the success of the BCMA has been because of all those dedicated members both on the officer team and as individuals who have made it the success it is today. The strength of the BCMA is due to the passion that you all have for the promotion of complementary medicine which is so sorely needed today.


My vision is to see the BCMA as the leading CAM organisation in the UK and worldwide. To see us expand our support for members, introduce initiatives that will continue to define us as more than just a professional association and one that is leading the complete acceptance of all the healing modalities that we represent by the healthcare industry. You all know that there is a continuing assault by various so-called scientific groups to erroneously eliminate our contributions to people’s health, using their commercial muscle, so we need to become more prepared to defend our healing modalities. We can do this by representing ourselves at as many forums as possible where our voices can be heard.    Whilst this may be a long-term goal, in the short term, my focus is on increasing membership and continuing with our drive to see the BCMA thrive in all areas.

Little did I know when I moved to the United Kingdom with my husband in 2004 that my path would lead me to the British Complementary Medicine Association.   When I did Angelic Reiki in 2007, it was purely to gain certification in a recognised healing modality so that I could obtain insurance to continue working in the healing field as I had done intuitively in South Africa for many years. My experience prior to moving to the UK had been intensive study into the Ancient Wisdom, my own spiritual path and being dedicated to helping people to heal in the most holistic way possible. After becoming a Master Teacher in Angelic Reiki, I was guided to establish the Angelic Reiki Association and when the ARA joined the BCMA as a member association in 2011, I offered my services to the BCMA.   I feel that as members we benefit tremendously from being part of a well established and influential umbrella organisation and such organisations need volunteers to implement their work.

As a member of the Executive initially I was responsible to collecting membership data and I took on the role of liaising with various London Borough Councils in relation to London Licencing Exemption for our members.   My role was further extended to include research and dealing with NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence).   During this time, in a very organic way, I became involved with the day to day running of the BCMA, a function which has continued for some years now.

I am passionate about maintaining training standards for complementary therapies.

As well as being an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, I am a shamanic practitioner, soul midwife and I design and teach various workshops including Angelic Shamanism, Dying Consciously and Manifestation.

I have a son and a daughter, five stepchildren and six grandchildren.  My husband Glen is also dedicated to helping people grow and prosper and is also an active BCMA member.   I love travel, seeing new places and meeting new people.   I have in the past few years learned jewellery making and love working with silver and semi-precious stones.   I have a thirst for knowledge and can usually be found with my nose in a book.   On a lighter note, I love reading fantasy.

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