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Clinical Iridology

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Clinical Iridology is an accurate, non-invasive, safe & painless system of health analysis through the examination of the coloured part of the eye, known as the Iris. Proclaimed throughout the ages as "the windows of the soul". The eyes are now acknowledged as mirrors of the body and linked to miniature “television screens” recording the condition of various organs and tissues throughout the body.

The health analysis is made through careful examination of different markings & pigments in the iris which reflect hereditary tendencies & genetic strengths & weaknesses. The iris records information about the state & functioning of every organ in the body as well as the levels of inflammation & toxicity. This enables the underlying causes of symptoms to be detected & removed.

The greatest feature & main advantage of Iridology over other forms of health screening is that changes appear in the iris before the physical symptoms develop and therefore preventive action may be taken to improve health, & avoid dis-eases which might otherwise follow.

The signs & changes in the eyes have been long been used to reveal the person's status of health.

The colour of the eyes do change depending on the health conditions, so Iridology is an ideal way of following up patient's health condition & monitoring their improvements.

Iris Analysis is very informative and objective. Even without seeing the patient, the pictures of the Irises can be analysed revealing the patient's physical and emotional state.

Digital pictures are taken to a computer screen. Photos, full analysis & recommendations are then given to take away.

For Further information please contact our member school -

School of Clinical Iridology & Applied Nutrition - UK

7 Repton Ave 

Hayes, Middx 

UB3 4AF 

tel/fax:  020 884 882 88 or 

mobile - 07092 882 352



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