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Bio Energy Healing Treatment

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Bioenergy Healing Treatment works on a deep circuitry level. The key to its effectiveness and dynamic yet subtle results is its ability to work on the following levels: cellular, neurological, energy, physical, emotional and psychological. 


The hands-on and hands-off techniques can: 

  • Locate blockages which are the cause or result of an ailment, illness, symptom, limitation. trauma, issue or condition

  • Pinpoint the origin and/or underlying cause of the blockage, ailment, illness, symptom or condition

  • Release the memory pattern and blockage on the above levels

  • Activate and enhance cellular regeneration - the body’s mechanism to repair and heal

  • Enhance the flow of energy and communication in the body

  • Enable clients to move beyond past performance and self-healing limitations and restrictions


For Further information please contact our member association -

Association of Energy Therapists

4, Foxglove Way,


PO20 2NJ



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