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Just a gentle reminder and overview of what you get for your membership of the BCMA

  • London borough license exemption (£200 + savings)

  • Insurance discount with Holistic Insurance or Balens

  • Exclusive discounts and even free tickets for events like the British Fascia Symposium (£250)

  • New website, which will have an actively marketed directory from Christmas

  • Each year we will have exclusive events/webinars with top industry names

  • Free business consulting advice and discount business consulting packages

  • Relaxed CPD options (uncommon with some other bodies)

  • Parliamentary voice... In both the UK and the European Parliament. We attend parliamentary meetings regularly but these particular benefits can be intangible; there are endless controversies and attacks that put our industry at risk that require spokespeople for court hearings that you might never even know about (for example the attack on removing CAM from the charity commission; including hospice)

  • We have seat on several NICE Guideline creations and updates to support CAM for use on the NHS

  • We were a strong part of the Yoga4NHS group (the only non yoga prof. association, actually) and fundamental to Yoga's integration into the NICE guidelines for Low Back Pain.

  • Unlike other commercial groups, we are not for profit, and all of our team of people are volunteers. All of your membership money goes into funding the above and nothing into our pockets.

  • And besides all of this, we are one of the oldest associations around and we take pride in having a membership with a very personal touch. You are always free to call and have a chat anytime about your business etc. and you can write our page any time of day or night and get a response usually within the hour. 

Membership with the BCMA doesn't benefit us on the Officer Team, it benefits the industry as a whole. If we all just took out insurance only and didn't support professional associations, (whether BCMA or others) we would see a very different industry very quickly!!

So with that said, we sure wouldn't like to lose you!! But if we do, we hope you support another association instead of just taking out insurance alone!!

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