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Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a complete system of hands on energy healing which was channelled from the Archangel Metatron through Kevin Core in 2003 and has since continued to evolve with the new energies affecting our planet and human consciousness. From its origins in Yorkshire, it is now taught and practised worldwide.

Since 2001, the vibration of the Angelic Kingdom has merged with earth and Humanity in a way not experienced for millions of years, hence the upsurge in all things angelic. Angels are gifting Humanity with the knowledge of their own Divinity and there are many people contacting and channelling this energy. One of the purest forms of this is Angelic Reiki, a healing modality that connects us with our own Divinity, our Higher Self.

The system we know today as Reiki, i.e. the possibility of changing human consciousness through symbols or energetic keys, was first given to humanity in the times of Atlantis by the Ascended Master St. Germain; to rebalance any spiritual and physical imbalances that held back the individual's development and to reconnect them with the Divine and the Divine presence within.


For Further information please contact our member association -

The Angelic Reiki Association

8 St Thomas Street


Somerset    BA5 2UX 

Tel: 07776 307892

Email -

website -

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