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5 Awakenings

A method of recovery for traumatised children and adults that is particularly effective for childhood trauma, bullying and abuse of any kind.

The programme was developed by Rena Guttridge SRN following many years’ experience in energy healing and the treatment of abuse.

The 5 Awakenings Sequence is a unique and successful process that combines Energy Medicine with Colour Drawing to provide complete recovery from the debilitating effects of trauma.

Applicable for adults and children of all ages; the Sequence works by desensitising the energy of the trauma so that it becomes inert and non-volatile. When the traumatic situation has no energy then it becomes passive, inactive and no longer has life.

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For Further information please contact our member association -

The Healer Foundation

2 Chaplefield Croft,

Old Bank,



Tel: 07768 865189



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