BCMA Officer - Brittany Spence

I have had a passion for Complementary Therapies from a very young age, and started my professional journey in 2003 at the age of 18, by studying massage in my hometown of Pensacola, Florida. My grandmother would rub my back to sleep every single night as a child, thus, I am truly a lover of touch and will always be a Bodywork therapist at my core. A year after completing my training, I moved to and began practising in the UK, where I have been blessed to have established a very successful practice which has seen me working with a full range of conditions and people, including celebrities and being headhunted by the NHS for privatised work.


Coming from a heavily regulated state in the US, I really couldn’t believe that there were no legal regulations or education standards for CAM when I began practising in the UK. This liberation and lack of licence fees was at first very refreshing. But over time, I began to see the implications for the reputation of the industry that this level of freedom brings. 


When I began a new modality course in 2011, I was introduced to the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists and immediately joined to become a member. I was later asked to volunteer at an event for the APNT, and having known my interest in the industry, I was asked if I would like to fill a spot on the Executive team. This was when I discovered the vast and complex history and growth of therapy use in the UK, its discussion of regulation, the development and voice of Professional Associations and Organisations, and that I had a real curiosity for wanting to understand it better.


Besides what was going on behind the scenes, it became clear that there was a pattern of struggle from the therapists themselves. Having developed a successful practice in both the US and in the UK and having taken professional Business and Marketing courses to grow my practice, I decided to begin mentoring other therapists to grow their business using the same techniques. This led me to writing “The Successful Therapist System” in 2014, which went to #1 Best Seller on Amazon. From that, the e-course version of the The Successful Therapist System was born, and I continue today to be a consultant for therapists looking to start or grow their practice. Having a passion for science, I was delighted when a fellow exec member asked me to join the Organising committee for the British Fascia Symposium, where I provided my marketing and industry knowledge, and I continue to heartily support the event to this day.

My work within the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists has continued to grow and vary, including giving the APNT a presence at multiple Parliamentary Groups and maintaining relationships with key figures in the CAM Industry, thus making sure the APNT stays on the pulse of development of changes so that we are able to respond as a strong voice for the industry. In October 2015, I was nominated and elected as Chair of the APNT where I continue to grow the Associations Reputation within the industry. 

My vision is to provide a voice for the CAM industry against wrong doing and unjust impositions, as well as maintain standards for the safety and benefit of the public. I intend to continue with my work under the BCMA name, so that we can all benefit from this effort as a family. I’m very grateful that my dedication has not gone unnoticed, and I’m very humbled by this opportunity to Chair this prestigious name, and I thank you all for your faith and support .


I am also a mother to a gorgeous son whom I love dearly, and to a cheeky blue parrot who you will always find by my side causing mischief and tricking me into giving him massages! I adore travel and language studies, and I have a particular Love for Greece and the Greek Language. I am planning to expand into offering health and educational retreats in the Greek Islands. I also love Volunteering for the disadvantaged, practicing Yoga, Dancing, and collecting Salt, Coffee, and Hot Sauce from around the world!!