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 Spinal Touch Therapy

Spinal Touch is a century-old technique, one of the so-called "light touch" therapies; in these, there is actual body-contact with the client but this is so gentle that no discomfort is caused by the treatment. Spinal Touch has no contra-indications - it is safe to use on babies and geriatrics, on people with heart conditions or bursting with health.

The vast majority of people so mis-use their bodies that their balance is upset evidenced by the centre of gravity drifting to one side. In trying to correct this, the muscles of the back will pull the spine into a distorted shape, which results in excess tissue pressure on the nerve roots emerging from the spinal cord through the vertebrae. As the whole body (including all its organs) is controlled by the nerves, this pressure causes all manner of problems.

For example, only 5% of back pain cases relate to injury or deterioration of the vertebrae or disks; 95% of back pain cases are the result of muscular activity. Particularly noticeable is pressure on the sciatic nerve at the fourth lumbar vertebra, inducing pain down the back and legs. Breathlessness and aching arms and wrists can be caused by pressure on the first thoracic vertebra; bladder problems by pressure on the third lumbar vertebra; and so on.

Spinal Touch gently restores correct posture to allow the back muscles to relax and the spine to straighten. This in turn removes the pressure from the nerve roots, which encourages the body to function properly and without pain. And it does this remarkably quickly, often instantly!

Treatment after assessment consists of about 180 mini-massages on specific points over the whole back. Many clients actually go to sleep on the couch, so gentle and effective is the treatment, which usually lasts about 20-30 minutes.


For Further information please contact the following BCMA Association -

Association of Light Touch Therapists

22 Baldock Street
SG12 9DZ
Tel. 01920 485265
Email: info@altt.org