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The BCMA is an umbrella organisation for organisations, practitioners, and students engaged in Complementary Medicine. Membership is open to all organisations and commercial enterprises involved in Complementary Medicine, which do not have a therapy membership but do wish to have the benefit of association with the BCMA.

The prime purpose of the British Complementary Medicine Association is to support and protect the integrity of its therapists and ensure the well being of their clients and the high quality standards with which Complementary Medicine is delivered to the public

The lifeblood of all corporate businesses is the sales of products or services to people.  When one is working in a specialised area such as yourselves, targeting your marketing towards the appropriate clientele is important.

Becoming a corporate member of the BCMA with its membership of about 3000 therapists each belonging to their individual therapy organisations offers businesses a wonderful opportunity for you to tell members about your product or service.

Obviously we are not at liberty to send out our membership list to anyone however corporate membership does allow you free advertising on the BCMA website and mention in the BCMA Newsletter.   That means you are reaching about all members and website visitors for 1p or less. This surely is great value for money.

Even if there is only a 5% response you will soon recover your membership fee. By offering members discounts there is the possibility of increasing your sales and your profits. Apply now

Current Corporate Members:
Vergari Magnet Therapy Ltd.
PO Box 106, Welshpool,
Powys SY21 7WW, UK
Helpline / Sales: 0800 473 0810
info@vergarimagnettherapy.co.uk  www.vergarimagnettherapy.co.uk


Ishqa and The Winning Hands
9 Green Lane Avenue
Hersham, Walton on Thames, KT12 5HL
07814 992270

Ishqa is the number one casino massage company in London. Our therapists are trained to the highest level in casino massage. We aim to recruit therapists with a minimum of 2 years massage experience and once brought onto the team, they are required to undergo intensive training including casino and poker etiquette.



All  product information is included for the information of members of the BCMA and the views expressed are those of the author only; The BCMA accepts no responsibility for the efficacy of any of the products listed