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Joining could not be easer!

This page contains a checklist and links to the forms necessary for joining

Download and print each form and send together with the membership fee to:

BCMA, PO BOX 5122, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 0WG

PLEASE NOTE - Applications for membership MUST include copies of qualifications for any therapies you wish to register AND copies of certificates of acceptable insurance cover.

Please click here to read important information about changes to the Independent Therapists Register before downloading a form to see if you qualify for membership

This form must be completed please check that all documents are included when applying -

 Independent Therapist Application form

Documents to read before signing (you do not send this to us but may print them for your information)

BCMA Code of Conduct

NB: The Independent Therapist Register is a non referral register if you wish to get referrals from the website and office then you will need to join a BCMA member association who will then sponsor you, confirming your membership with them, qualifications and Insurance. For further details of the practitioner register and to download the application click here

New Criteria for Independent Therapist Register


Due to recent changes in membership for Independent Therapists, please read the following information on membership criteria.


The new membership criteria includes the following


1)     Applicants must supply full details of courses including basic syllabus, examining body, length of training (both class hours and home study).

2)     Correspondence courses for therapies are not accepted as qualifications

3)     Workshops are not accepted as full qualifications

4)     Anatomy and Physiology must be included for any bodywork therapy

5)     Therapists must be in practise for at least 1 year before applying

6)     Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine practitioners cannot be accepted at this time as these therapies are progressing toward statutory regulation.

The Independent Therapist Register is regarded as an interim class of membership and members in this category will be encouraged to join one of our member associations in order to benefit from full professional representation in their chosen therapies, during the establishment of Voluntary Self Regulation throughout the field of Complimentary Medicine.