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Joining could not be easer!

This page contains a checklist and links to the forms necessary for joining

Download and print each form and send together with the membership fee to:

BCMA, PO BOX 5122, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 0WG


Before membership is granted and in order to maintain the high standards and high credibility of the BCMA, it is necessary for you to provide us with the following:-

A detailed description of your business, product or services, its manufacturing location or operational site, size of manufacturing building or service site and the number of employees.

A copy of your fire inspection certificate and evidence of health and safety checks on the product or service.

Details of any licensing agreements.

Samples of brochures 

An on-site inspection by one of our inspectors is required in order to see that your product or service meets our standards.    One of our inspectors will contact you on receipt of your application to make a mutually convenient inspection appointment.   

The cost of travel, accommodation and normal expenses incurred by the inspector in carrying out the inspection are to be  met by the applicant.

In certain circumstances approved by the executive the inspection will be waived or the membership fee reduced.


 Four employees or less 200   Five to ten employees 300    Eleven employees and over 400     

 These forms must be completed please check that all are included when applying -

1) Application form

2) Website listing form

5) Inspection information

Documents to read before signing (you do not send these to us but may print them for your information)

1) BCMA Code of Conduct