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Brittany Spence - BCMA Chair Colleen Tucker - BCMA Officer
Rena J Guttridge SRN - BCMA Officer Amarjeet S Bhamra - BCMA Officer
Dr Natalia Succar - BCMA Officer Tracy Smith - BCMA Administrator

Brittany Spence - Chair

I have had a passion for Complementary Therapies from a very young age, and started my professional journey in 2003 at the age of 18, by studying massage in my hometown of Pensacola, Florida. My grandmother would rub my back to sleep every single night as a child, thus, I am truly a lover of touch and will always be a Bodywork therapist at my core. A year after completing my training, I moved to and began practicing in the UK, where I have been blessed to have established a very successful practice which has seen me working with a full range of conditions and people, including celebrities and being headhunted by the NHS for privatised work. Coming from a heavily regulated state in the US, I really couldn’t believe that there were no legal regulations or education standards for CAM when I began practicing in the UK. This liberation and lack of licence fees was at first very refreshing. But over time, I began to see the implications for the reputation of the industry that this level of freedom brings.
When I began a new modality course in 2011, I was introduced to the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists and immediately joined to become a member. I was later asked to volunteer at an event for the APNT, and having known my interest in the industry, I was asked if I would like to fill a spot on the Executive team. This was when I discovered the vast and complex history and growth of therapy use in the UK, its discussion of regulation, the development and voice of Professional Associations and Organisations, and that I had a real curiosity for wanting to understand it better.



Besides what was going on behind the scenes, it became clear that there was a pattern of struggle from the therapists themselves. Having developed a successful practice in both the US and in the UK and having taken professional Business and Marketing courses to grow my practice, I decided to begin mentoring other therapists to grow their business using the same techniques. This led me to writing “The Successful Therapist System” in 2014, which went to #1 Best Seller on Amazon. From that, the e-course version of the The Successful Therapist System was born, and I continue today to be a consultant for therapists looking to start or grow their practice. Having a passion for science, I was delighted when a fellow exec member asked me to join the Organising committee for the British Fascia Symposium, where I provided my marketing and industry knowledge, and I continue to heartily support the event to this day.
My work within the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists has continued to grow and vary, including giving the APNT a presence at multiple Parliamentary Groups and maintaining relationships with key figures in the CAM Industry, thus making sure the APNT stays on the pulse of development of changes so that we are able to respond as a strong voice for the industry. In October 2015, I was nominated and elected as Chair of the APNT where I continue to grow the Associations Reputation within the industry.
My vision is to provide a voice for the CAM industry against wrong doing and unjust impositions, as well as maintain standards for the safety and benefit of the public. I intend to continue with my work under the BCMA name, so that we can all benefit from this effort as a family. I’m very grateful that my dedication has not gone unnoticed, and I’m very humbled by this opportunity to Chair this prestigious name, and I thank you all for your faith and support
I am also a mother to a gorgeous son whom I love dearly, and to a cheeky blue parrot who you will always find by my side causing mischief and tricking me into giving him massages! I adore travel and language studies, and I have a particular Love for Greece and the Greek Language. I am planning to expand into offering health and educational retreats in the Greek Islands. I also love Volunteering for the disadvantaged, practicing Yoga, Dancing, and collecting Salt, Coffee, and Hot Sauce from around the world!!

Rena J Guttridge SRN

I have worked as a professional energy medicine practitioner and teacher for over 30 years following a career in general and child nursing. My practice has involved extensive work in childhood trauma and the treatment of bullying, fear, abuse and PTSD. This experience led me to create The 5 Awakenings Sequence® - an energy medicine modality developed for the treatment of bullying in children and now used extensively in the field of trauma for both adults and children with teachers in the UK and Canada.

In the 1990’s I established Hane Lea School of Healing, allied to the World Federation of Healing and in 2000 formed The Healer Foundation by bringing together a group of healer graduates. 

The alliance to the BCMA was established in 2002.
My dedication and passion is for the progress of therapeutic aspects of energy and complementary medicine and the upholding of ethical standards. I feel fortunate to be involved in this growth within the BCMA.
I am a keen gardener and horticulturist; a member of the Hardy Plant Society and Huddersfield Flower Club. Married to Colin for 50+ years, we have a daughter in Massachusetts, USA and a son in Hong Kong- and yes, I love to travel!

Colleen Tucker

Hello, I’m Colleen Tucker.   I am a facilitator, mentor and intuitive Tarot consultant.   I was born and lived in various parts of South Africa until I moved to the UK in 2004.   I am married to my beloved second husband, Glen, and I have two wonderful children who, despite the many challenges faced by their mother during their growing up years, have turned into well rounded responsible adults.   I am also the proud Granny to six wonderful grandchildren.
I teach Angelic Reiki, workshops about Death and Dying, offer readings and mentoring programs and design workshops.
I have been involved with the BCMA since 2010, initially as a member and then as the Chair of the Angelic Reiki Association, one of the member associations.   I believe that CAM has a place alongside conventional medicine, particularly with regard to patient wellbeing.    As a member of the BCMA Officer Team, I contribute in various areas, but focus particularly on licensing, research and media monitoring.

Amarjeet S Bhamra

Amarjeet S Bhamra has a strong interest in health, wellbeing, the environment, and holds various complementary health qualifications and believes in the power of nature can help all of us heal. As part of his mission to bring wellness to the nation, he serves as a lecturer and practitioner of Indian Traditional Sciences, most notably Ayurveda.

As an advocate of Indian Traditional Sciences, he is the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Indian Traditional Sciences, serves on various boards and supports national campaigns to help empower people taking their health into their own hands.

Amarjeet is one of the world’s most experienced teachers and practitioners of Ayurveda Bodywork.

He is responsible for creating the UK Indian Head Massage register and has been a member of the steering group recognizing Indian Head Massage as a veritable vocation and in 2014 he authored a 300-page educational best seller 'Indian Head Massage – A Practical Approach'.



Dr Natalia Succar

Hi, I am Natalia. I joined the BCMA in 1996, where over the years I have contributed with the BCMA Teams to strengthen the BCMA and all forms of ethical therapies that I believe can & should exist together contributing to the wellbeing of all.

I recently had the honour to be nominated & elected to be one of the BCMA officers & Deputy Chairs, a responsibility that I do not take lightly. I am very passionate about everything I do, I am known for my transparency and efficient communication. I shall strive to support to BCMA mission and all BCMA members.

About me:
All my life I have been interested in various ways to maintain healthy Body & Mind.
I started my 1st professional qualification as a Doctor of Medicine at the Medical Institute of Kharkov in the Ukraine in 1991, where during my studies, I researched & applied various alternative methods of treatment, such as Volls Method, Magnetic Resonance Therapy, Cupping, Ozone therapy herbs & other methods. Also Attended courses in in Employment Laws, Health & Safety and many Leadership Courses and hold Lean Six Sigma accreditation.

I Moved to the UK in 1995 to study Clinical Iridology at The UK College of Iris Analysis and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at The University of Westminster. Then continued adding course after course and added various therapies to my advanced Health & Beauty practice to include Skin Treatments with IPL, Dermal Fillers, Mesotherapy, Ozone Therapy, Clinical Iridology, Diet therapy, Chelation Therapy, and others. 
I was the first Iridologists to develop the use of Polaroid in Iridology & went on to develop a digital system of Iris Analysis. Lectured in different Colleges in the UK & Ireland, Formed The School of Clinical Iridology & Applied Nutrition (SCI-AN).
I was nominated for the "Saving Lives 2015" Awards for exceptional contribution to the
"London Ambulance Services" & "British Heart Foundation" in training the public in 1st Aid - "Heart Start Scheme" hosted Andrew Rosindale MP at The House of the Parliament - London UK

Tracy Smith

I first became involved with the BCMA in 2002 at which time I was asked to design and build a website for the BCMA, I had no prior knowledge of CAM, my prior experience as an administrator in the Aero Engine business and subsequent jobs gave me no insight into this field. I had moved into website design from home while caring for my children a few years before. I learned website coding from books and found a flare and passion for website design.

After working with the then BCMA Chair on the website I was asked to take over the role of administrator, this is when my personal research began into the field of complementary therapies. As many of our members know I am the person you talk to on the phone or by email when you contact the BCMA therefore, I needed to have a basic knowledge of as many therapies as possible.

I have been privileged to work with many 'BCMA Teams' during my time as administrator, and it never ceases to amaze me that they are all so willing to share their knowledge and time for the BCMA and CAM in a volunteer capacity, each with passion and professionalism.

I continue to learn about Complementary therapies and do my best to answer enquiries promptly, our website, (soon to be redesigned), is used by many varied visitors; members of the public seeking a therapist or finding out about complementary therapies, therapists finding out more about CAM and training or associations looking for an umbrella of like minded people in the industry. Our practitioners are well trained and well supported and a pleasure for me to work with. I am very proud to be the BCMA administrator.

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