Updated August 2016

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UPDATE: NICE guidance on complementary therapies for supportive and palliative care in adults.

The BCMA is pleased to announce that following NICE’s consultation on its proposed update to the guideline for Supportive and Palliative Care in Adults, NICE has taken into account the large number of responses made by the BCMA and other organisations in the field of complementary therapies across the UK. 

NICE has decided to keep the original guideline (CSG4) in place and existing guidance on complementary therapies will remain unchanged.   NICE will develop a separate guideline for End of Life Care.”


BCMA Graduate Membership now reopened

If you have recently graduated from one of our independent schools you can now apply for graduate registration with the BCMA  click here for details and forms. We look forward to welcoming you to our national network of therapists!

The BCMA are pleased to announce the launch of their new


4 titles are currently available:

Ø                       BCMA Guide to setting up a Therapy Association

Ø                       BCMA Guide to setting up a Therapy School

Ø                       BCMA Guide to setting up a Clinic

Ø                       BCMA Guide to finding a Complementary Therapist

These will be available for pay per download from the BCMA website at a cost of £5*, a paper copy will be available in the future in A5 booklet form at a premium price, Please contact the office for further details. Read More

£5 is the non member’s price, £2.50 for members the difference will be refunded against future membership within a set time from download.



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